Welcome to living a life filled with purpose, balance, awareness and personal power.

Are you looking to introduce more balance, vitality and zest into your life?

Then you have found the right place.

Doris Mounsey empowers her clients with knowledge, wisdom and passion
to create more balance, health and vitality.

Coming from a heart-centred, holistic health science background,
Doris teaches her clients to become self-empowered by sharing her wisdom
in Kinesiology sessions, Yoga classes or Workshops.


Focusing on developing awareness around where and how we carry stress
allows us to find new ways of releasing stress and tension
from our body, mind, heart and soul.


Being in a state of harmony, equilibrium or homeostasis
allows us to feel calm, clear and in balance.

Finding this state of balance allows us to
relax, unwind and connect with our inner wisdom.


Feeling empowered and connected to our purpose
brings us clarity and trust to make the best decisions.