Aromatic Kinesiology® Group Practice Day 2019

Sunday 18 August 2019


Isabel Alessi and Doris Mounsey are offering Aromatic Kinesiology® (AK) Group Practice Days in 2019. During an AK group practice day, we provide a safe environment for small groups of AK students to practice one of the AK balances (from AK1/AK2/AK3) to gain proficiency in muscle-testing and providing an AK session to their future AK clients.

AK Group Practice Days include:

  • Revision and practice of one AK Balance per practice day.
  • Review of different Aromatic Kinesiology techniques of centring, grounding and checking all pre-balance switching-points so that the energy of the group is ready to work together and all participants have re-visited the pre-balance-energy-checks.
  • Find a group essential oil.
  • Re-visiting the chosen AK Balance step by step and answering all questions.
  • Participants work in pairs: each participant is giving a 60min AK balance and receiving a 60min AK balance.
  • Q&A time after the AK Balances.

Healthy nibbles, Coffee, Tea & Water, is provided.
Please bring your lunch.

We will have a 45min lunch break.


Sunday, 18 August 2019        from 10am to 4pm


Melbourne, you will receive the private address after booking.


Attendance of AK1.

Cost for AK Group Practice Day

$150 per person per day


Please use the booking links

What to bring:

  • Blossoming Heart Book
  • Aromatic Emotional Barometer
  • AK 1, AK 2 or AK 3 manual (depending on your previous attendance)
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Lunch


Call Doris Mounsey on 0423 494 413 or
Isabel Alessi on 0410 178 238

Or email [email protected]

If you have any questions, I’m happy to help you.
Send me an email here or message Doris on 0432 494 413

Send an email to Doris Mounsey

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