Aromatic Kinesiology® Group Practice Day 2020

We will advice of new dates,
when we can meet in person again.


Isabel Alessi and Doris Mounsey are offering Aromatic Kinesiology® (AK) Group Practice Days in 2020. During an AK group practice day, we provide a safe environment for small groups of AK students to practice one of the AK balances (from AK1/AK2/AK3) to gain proficiency in muscle-testing and providing an AK session to their future AK clients.

AK Group Practice Days include:

  • Revision and practice of one AK Balance per practice day.
  • Review of different Aromatic Kinesiology techniques of centring, grounding and checking all pre-balance switching-points so that the energy of the group is ready to work together and all participants have re-visited the pre-balance-energy-checks.
  • Find a group essential oil.
  • Re-visiting the chosen AK Balance step by step and answering all questions.
  • Participants work in pairs: each participant is giving a 60min AK balance and receiving a 60min AK balance.
  • Q&A time after the AK Balances.

Healthy nibbles, Coffee, Tea & Water, is provided.
Please bring your lunch.

We will have a 45min lunch break.


Sunday,  xx        from 10am to 4pm
Sunday,  xx        from 10am to 4pm


Melbourne, you will receive the private address after booking.


Attendance of AK1.

Cost for AK Group Practice Day

$150 per person per day


Please use the booking links

What to bring:

  • Blossoming Heart Book
  • Aromatic Emotional Barometer
  • AK 1, AK 2 or AK 3 manual (depending on your previous attendance)
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Lunch


Call Doris Mounsey on 0423 494 413 or
Isabel Alessi on 0410 178 238

Or email [email protected]

If you have any questions, I’m happy to help you.
Send me an email here or message Doris on 0432 494 413

Send an email to Doris Mounsey

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