Are your ready to go deeper?

Do you know we all have intuition?

Do you want to awaken your Intuitive Intelligence,
build your spiritual self-esteem, and become your unlimited self ?


Awaken your Intuitive Intelligence

is a 10-week online course teaching the foundation of intuitive intelligence. Every lesson of the course is supported by practical, life-transforming tools and practices. You learn how to harness your intuition so that it becomes true intuitive intelligence, an accessible, reliable and congruent guidance system for you to create your unlimited self.

What happens when you awaken your intuitive intelligence?
You simply reconnect with what you truly are.

Intuitive Intelligence teaches you how to work with subconscious fear as a friendly ally which leads you back to your unique essences of your heart and soul.

Intuitive Intelligence is accessed via your heart brain and by finding stillness and congruence in your heart you awaken, access, and build your intuitive intelligence.

The depth of relationship we have with our intuition is determined by the commitment we make to connect to our sacred heart space and the practices leading us into stillness and heart-congruence.

This course builds your spiritual self-esteem and trust into your Intuitive Intelligence.

Intuitive Intelligence is living our intuition every single day.

You will learn how to receive your intuition and
then how to trust yourself and the infinite to act on it.

Intuition is nothing without Intuitive Intelligence.

Note: On completion of this training, students receives a certificate of participation and are eligible to enrol in the “Third Level” a 12-month program with The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence to become a Certified Intuitive Guide.

Course Content

The Science of Intuition
Heart Congruence Practice
Determining your dominant intuition style
The Law of Mentalism
Subconscious fear release
The Law of Correspondence
Guided visualisations to increase intuition
Meeting your shadow archetype
The Intuitive Intelligence Micro Method
The Law of Vibration
Meditations, Mantras, and chanting
Increasing spiritual sight

Your copy of the book Spiritually Fierce by Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams is included in the course.

The Course content originally was developed by Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams, founder and principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence and is fully documented in her book “Spiritually Fierce”. 


Lectures are 90 minutes:
60-minute content, 15-minute practice, 15 minutes questions

Tutorials are 60 minutes:
20-minute content review, 20 minutes practice review, 20 minutes questions

There will be a morning session and an evening session (AEDT/AEST Melbourne time) for international students to join.

All sessions are recorded and available on the online platform within 24 hours.

Learning support

All course documents and recordings are available on a teaching platform.

Private Facebook group for students.

Personal email support within 24 hours – one business day.

The content of Awaken you Intuitive Intelligence is fully documented in the book “Spiritually Fierce” by Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams, founder and principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. Your copy of the book Spiritually Fierce by Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams is included in this course. 

If you prefer listening to the audiobook of Spiritually Fierce by Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams it is available on CLICK HERE

COST & Payment Options

Payment Option 1:   Full payment of AU$880 required when booking.

Payment Option 2:   Deposit of AU$350 required when booking,
followed by AU$ 300 (2nd-course week)
and AU$ 300 (4th-course week)
(total of AU$ 950)

Payment Option 3:   Deposit of AU$350 required when booking,
followed by 8 weekly payments of AU$80
(total of AU$ 990)

Course Agreement:

All course details and Terms and Conditions are summarised in the Awaken you Intuitive Intelligence course agreement.

Please download and read carefully.
The next course starts on 3 June 2021 and finishes on 10 August 2021.

All the individual teaching sessions are listed in the Course Agreement.

CLICK HERE to download.

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