Masterclass – Intoduction to Intuitive Intelligence

Are you ready to awaken your Intuitive Intelligence?
This recorded Masterclass guides you through the practice of Heart-Congruence. Your major and most important tool to connect to your intuitive intelligence.

We cover “what is always between us and our intuition”, how we remove these obsticals and how we use “Spiritual Fierceness” to build Intuitive Intelligence like a muscle.

This video includes a beautiful energy expansion meditation at the end.

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, I’m here to support you.

Webinar – How much airtime do you give your Inner Critic?

How loud is your Inner Critic?
What are you saying to yourself inside your head?
Do you have thoughts going around in circles?

Yes, I had, and I still have conversations with my Inner Critic, but now they are short, calm, and productive. This webinar focuses on how your internal dialogue works, how it is structured and how you have the power to changes your critical self-talk into a calm, positive and productive conversation with yourself.

What Intuition means to me? 
Before I teach you, I must be clear about this within myself.
Intuitive is something that I feel is true to me.
So, my Claire (or inner sense of intuition) is by feeling. 
During the course I will teach you how to find you Claire.
But I cannot measure it, I cannot see it.
Meaning I need to trust my feelings, my intuition.
I teach you how to trust your Intuition.
This knowledge allows you to trust your Intuition.

  • The three immutable laws
  • Know your Claire, your inner sense
  • Knowing that I have everything I need within me allows me to trust unconditionally