It is with my deepest appreciation that I am sharing Intuitive Intelligence student’s testimonials here:

Christine C.

from the October 2020 intake

Signing up for Awaken Your Intuitive Intelligence workshop I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I just knew and trusted this was something my soul needed.  I had done classes with Doris before so knew what an amazing teacher she is, and knew that if she was excited about this, it was going to be awesome.

Each week was a profound lesson of self-discovery, learning to strip away any old patterns/beliefs/behaviours “ie dramas” that no longer served my highest good, allowing the teaching and space to step into my true perfect and divine heart space.  What this gave me was so profound and enlightening, its hard to really put into words.  I gained so much clarity, awareness and openness which renewed my strength, confidence and love for myself, for others and allowed connection and acceptance of my true self.  I learnt to sit in the peaceful quietness of my heart, which has helped me on many levels.

Doris is an amazing teacher, she walks her truth, she believes in the teachings of Intuitive Intelligence and she is so open, intelligent, caring and supportive.  This course is a journey, there are times of raw emotions, time for laughter and times to challenge yourself, and throughout it all Doris holds a strong and caring space to allow you to learn, grow and get the best out of yourself and this course.

I am so blessed and grateful I listened to myself and signed up for Intuitive Intelligence, it really has changed my life.

Thank you Doris for your patience, love and guidance during this journey.

Love & Light