Intuitive Intelligence

What is Intuitive Intelligence?

Intuitive Intelligence is living our intuition.

It is learning about how we receive our intuition and then having the knowledge, so that we trust ourselves and the infinite enough to act on it.

When I came across Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams and The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, I have found the spiritual knowledge and wisdom I was looking for a long time. Allowing me to build my spiritual Self-esteem and Intuitive Intelligence to a point where I now step out into the world to teach the foundations of Intuitive Intelligence to others.

Discovering my intuitive intelligence has confirmed so much innate truth and wisdom within myself that it has deepened my connection to my heart, my soul and my relationship with the Infinite, God or all there is.

Since September 2018, I have developed my spiritual self-esteem to a point, where I now live my life from my innate Intuitive Intelligence every single day.

We all have Intuition, but we never have learnt how to build it and how to trust ourselves with our own intuition.

The knowledge of Intuitive Intelligence taught me how to trust my intuition and how to incorporate my intuition into my modern life.

I now have the confidence, the courage and the calling to teach this amazing knowledge in my Online Course called “Awaken your Intuitive Intelligence”, so that it becomes accessible to more people.

In September 2020, I became a certified Intuitive Intelligence teacher with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence and in October 2020, I am offering the foundations of Intuitive Intelligence in my 10 week course

“Awaken your Intuitive Intelligence”.

New Online Course Awaken your Intuitive Intelligence

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