Brené Brown – The Gifts of Imperfection 

I definitely have tendencies of being a perfectionist, sometimes I even can get a little bit OCD  😉

So I’m reading this book now for the second time and I discover even more layers of wisdom, a deeper understanding of wholehearted living and I understand now why owning my story is so important. 

The universe, my guides or coincidence always provides me with the right book at the right time.

So when your name is Doris Mounsey and you build your website, you need to own your story, be open to the world, be vulnerable and feel worthy enough to stand with confidence in the space called the world-wide-web.

The Gift of Imperfection is teaching me all these things, so if you also would like read more about:

  • Wholehearted living
  • Learn more about Courage, Compassion and Connection
    (these are the gifts)
  • And be perfectly imperfect.

Then I know you will enjoy this book, too.

With Love and Inspiration, Doris