Heart Wisdom in May

As we move together through this challenging times of Covid_19, we come together to acknowledge where we are, how we feel and use the wisdom of our heart and “The Blossoming Heart” reflections to move gently forward and start flowing with ease in our new paradigm coming into the second half of 2020.

Today we are guided by the Essential Oil reflection of Lime. The group energy required a shift away from feeling “agitated” towards feeling “calm” and the Blossoming Heart Refection “I make the time for quiet reflection”.

The beautiful smell of Lime invites you to go inward and connect to your breath. Using deep yogic breathing, feeling your tummy rising on your in-breath and your tummy falling on your out-breath, stimulates your vagus-nerve, therefore, calming your whole nervous system. If it feels natural to you, start lengthening your out-breath.

During times when you feel agitated, you also focus on small irritating issues and it is important to come back to feeling calm because you can widen your horizon.

You become calm enough to see the whole picture.
That where the wisdom of “I make time for quiet reflection” helps you to connect to your heart wisdom.

Taking the time to find your quiet place,
a place where your mind can rest,
where you can breathe deeply and freely
and feel relaxed, tranquil and soothed.

Finding this quiet place for you will calm your nervous system, will create stillness and peace within and will allow you to hear your heart’s wisdom.

Moving forward: “Some doors open inwards”.

This is one of these gems of wisdom, hearing it for the first time allowed me to realise that I don’t have to push all the time to move forward.

This amazing analogy provides you with an alternative, calm, reflective and wise way of moving forward:

  • so calmly take the door handle,
  • open the door of new possibilities,
  • at that point, you have to step back, out of your own way 😉
  • to allow the door to open inwards and
  • to create your free passage to walk through an open door.

Now you are on our way.

Wishing you all a calm journey forward, smell the beautiful aroma of lime or add a slice of lime to your water and take reflective time and realise that your next door may open inwards.

In Love and Inspiration,

Essential Oil Reflections are from the Book:
“The Blossoming Heart” By Robbi Zeck