Intuitive Intelligence

What is Intuitive Intelligence?

Since I have learned about Intuitive Intelligence, I have found my spiritual home. Yes, this is a big statement, especially as I was seeking spiritual knowledge for the last 25 years.

What do I mean by “I have found my spiritual home”?

I have found my heart connection to the infinite. I know now that if I am looking for an answer, I will find it in my sacred heart space. 

What has changed within me?

I feel grounded with myself, I am fully connected to the infinite, I now have the spiritual self-esteem to trust my intuition every single time.

The concept of Intuitive Intelligence®

Discovering the concept of Intuitive Intelligence® has confirmed that all innate truth and wisdom is within myself. That I am always connected to “All there is” and that I communicate with the Infinite and that I have access to my innate intuition whenever I choose to listen.

The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

When I came across Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams and The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, I have found the spiritual knowledge and wisdom I was looking for a long time. Allowing me to build my spiritual Self-esteem and Intuitive Intelligence® to a point where I now step out into the world to teach the foundations of Intuitive Intelligence.

Discovering my Intuitive Intelligence® has deepened my connection to my heart, my soul and my relationship with the Infinite, God, or  “All there is”.

Since September 2018, I have developed my spiritual self-esteem to a point, where I now live my life from my innate Intuitive Intelligence® every single day.

Living with Intuitive Intelligence®

We all have Intuition, but we never have learnt how to build it and how to trust ourselves with our own intuition. The knowledge of Intuitive Intelligence® taught me how to trust my intuition and how to incorporate my intuition into my modern life.

“I want, what she’s having” Yes, you can learn that, too.

I now have the confidence, the courage, and the calling to teach this amazing knowledge so that amazing knowledge becomes accessible to more people.

In September 2020, I became a certified Intuitive Intelligence® teacher with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence and now I am offering this training twice a year.

Because of my very structured teaching style and coming from a health science and energy medicine background my online course resonates with therapists, practitioners and health professionals wanting to integrate Intuitive Intelligence® with their existing knowledge.