Are you ready for a life aligned with your heart wisdom
and the knowing that you are unlimited?

Are you looking to introduce more
balance, vitality and zest into your life on all levels?

Then you have found the right place.

Doris Mounsey supports her clients with knowledge, wisdom and passion
to create balance, health and vitality on all levels of our holistic being:
and Spiritually

Coming from a heart-centred, holistic health background,
Doris teaches her clients to connect to their innate Heart Wisdom
by sharing her wisdom and knowledge
in Kinesiology sessions, Yoga classes, Sacred Heart Wisdom Online courses, Retreats or Workshops.


Focusing on developing self-awareness around
where we carry stress and how we internally talk to ourselves
allows us to find new, self-empowering ways of releasing
stress, tension, old belief systems and subconscious fear.


Being in a state of balance, inner harmony and peace
allows us to feel calm, clear and connected.
Finding this state of balance and stillness in our heart 
allows us to connect to our inner wisdom and intuition.


Feeling connected to your heart wisdom, your intuition and the Divine,
aligns you with your Sacred Heart Wisdom allowing you to become your unlimited self.

Heart Wisdom Circles and Heart Wisdom Community

I love to stay connected and share wisdom and knowledge with all my clients.

In May 2020, I started offering free Heart Wisdom Circle to serve my clients and community and to allow us to stay connected during the ever-changing times around us.

The Heart Wisdom Circle allows women to meet online, focus inwards, become still in meditation and heart-congruence, connect to their inner knowing and
reflect on how they like to move forward empowered by their own heart's wisdom.

By joining my Sacred Heart Wisdom Community, you will receive your invite to
all free events, online courses, workshops and yoga classes.