More Kinesiology Information

Kinesiology combines the knowledge of anatomy and physiology from modern western medicine with the ancient knowledge of the eastern traditional medicines including Chinese Traditional Medicine, Acupoints, Indian Ayurveda and Chakras to pinpoint and release stress from your body.

Kinesiology is a holistic approach that looks at your symptoms and then uses the wisdom of your body to find the related blockages, stress factors or imbalances, to give you a holistic picture of what’s currently going on for you.

Through gentle muscle testing, Kinesiology addresses the stress factors on a physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual level. By monitoring subtle changes in the muscles, the origin of stress within the body is identified and analysed.

Then Kinesiology shows its unique strength, by activating the body’s own healing system and enabling the body to clear and release stress.

By the end of a Kinesiology session, the stress in your body is reduced allowing the body to restore itself to its natural balance again.

During a Kinesiology session gentle muscle monitoring provides feedback on the stress patterns and imbalances within the body’s many systems.

Through continuous muscle monitoring the nature of these stresses will be analysed; they can be of physical, nutritional, biochemical or emotional origin. During this process Kinesiology helps you to connect to your heart, listen to your own inner wisdom; relevant information will come up allowing you to gain a greater understanding of what’s happening on a conscious and sub-conscious level in your body.