Understanding your inner dialogue.

So often clients only become aware of their internal dialog when they are lying relaxed on the massage table during their Kinesiology session. Their normal day is so full of doing, in their work or their home life, that they are completely unaware of the different internal dialogues going on in their head.

Only, when we have a conversation around our internal dialogue and how they talk to themselves, the light-bulb moment is here.

You would not dare to talk to anyone else like, you let your inner critic talk to you.

Now is the right time to reign in its power and train your inner critic to use nice language  and how its dialogue can become supportive instead of hyper-critical.

My free E-Book “How to train your Inner Critic” empowers you to become the boss of your internal dialogue.

Create an internal dialogue that is positive, practical and productive. 


Download “How to train your Inner Critic” here and
let me know how you are going with your inner dialogue.

Be kind, patient and curious when learning new skills.

I’m always here to support you.