Welcome to my Journey to Health and Well-Being

Often we only focus on our Health and Well-Being after our health has become a bit shaky. For example, when we have experienced pain, and we no longer can take our health for granted.

This process started just before the year 2000. In 2000, I developed pain in my body in my late thirties. My pain was in my ribcage and woke me up every day in the early hours of the morning. To keep it short here, I had to work my way out of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue (2003) and Breast Cancer (2007).

Rediscovering Health and Well-Being

These health conditions taught me that I had to take responsibility for my health and for creating well-being in body, mind, heart and soul. On my journey, I have learned that to have health and well-being in my life I have to look after myself fully. That includes my whole body, all levels of my being and keeping my life in balance.

During my Breast Cancer journey, I thought I would write a book on how to support yourself holistically while recovering from cancer. But I quickly realised that I wanted to focus on health and well-being. I felt drawn to helping clients to stay healthy, find their balance and create a life they enjoy living.

I also realised that I’m more hands-on, practical and love to grow in all areas of my life. That’s why I felt a calling to become a health professional and was drawn to study Kinesiology in 2008, after experiencing the holistic approach of this empowering modality.

Doris Mounsey health and well-being

Becoming a Kinesiologist

After graduating with a diploma of Kinesiology in 2010, I opened my Kinesiology clinic called “Whole Health Kinesiology”. Since then, I enjoy working with clients, releasing their stress, allowing them to find balance and stillness and helping them. Helping them to transform their lives by connecting to their heart and their inner wisdom.

Becoming a Dru Yoga teacher

I believe in walking my talk, keeping my body healthy and listening to my heart and this has opened the next door in my life. I found this beautiful flowing Yoga style, called Dru Yoga, allowing me to feel balanced and aligned after every yoga class.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to start my Dru Yoga teacher training in Melbourne.

I received my Diploma of Dru Yoga teaching in 2018. After that, I started teaching small Dru Yoga classes in a beautiful sunny room next to my Kinesiology clinic.

Facilitating Workshops of Health and Well-Being

In my twenties, I worked in the IT industry, analysing the flow of data and information between people, departments and different computer systems. I love diving deep into everything and try to understand the essence of things.

My passion is sparked by topics like:

  • brain function and plasticity
  • energy flow in the body
  • and how we can use and integrate the latest research with ancient knowledge in practical ways

My heart blossoms when I’m sharing this wisdom in my workshops.

Since 2014, I run my Chakra Workshop called “Chakras, energy centres of light”. Its eight lessons continually evolve to match my client’s needs. The Chakra workshop is about understanding that we tune into the energy around us, that energy is part of our daily life and by honouring and understanding this ancient knowledge, we can create more balance in our life.

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