Teaching Aromatic Kinesiology® Level 1

In March 2024, Robbi Zeck, the founder of Aromatic Kinesiology®, invited me to become one of her first teachers.
As a teacher, I am honoured to invite you to explore, experience, and embody the benefits of Aromatic Kinesiology®.

Let me introduce you to the world of Aromatic Kinesiology®.

Aromatic Kinesiology® takes you into the world of aroma, emphasising enhancing the spirit, look and feel of your life. This pioneering work on the psychological benefits of essential oils and how they affect the integration of emotional experiences is powerfully represented in this beautiful workshop series: The Paths of Beauty, Nurture and Stillness. These beautiful heart-focused workshops explore the power of scent and its ability to transform emotional states, utilising essential oils as agents of change.

Each workshop includes guided meditations, acupressure for emotional regulation, time for quiet reflection, and an exploration of using essential oils as potent yet gentle aromatic anchors to facilitate change and release unresolved stress. Within this framework, you will learn many practical techniques that blend aromatherapy with kinesiology, narrative counselling styles, and how to reframe emotional issues.

Aromatic Kinesiology was established in 1992 in Australia. It offers a unique training perspective, exploring aromatherapy from an emotional perspective while focusing on developing beliefs, skills and emotional openness that lead to a successful, loving and joyful life. Aromatic Kinesiology is recognised for its emphasis on gentle yet powerful heart work and personal development. Robbi’s book, The Blossoming Heart, is the foundational text for delivering all Aromatic Kinesiology workshops.

About the Aromatic Kinesiology® Level One Workshop:

Deeply layered over each Aromatic Kinesiology workshop experience is a clear pathway for understanding how to integrate essential oils into your daily life for your emotional care.

Regular aromatic anchoring at the emotional level can lead to lasting positive life changes.

The Essential Oil Reflections from The Blossoming Heart are metaphors for positive change and are the focal point of the teachings found in all Aromatic Kinesiology workshops. Think of these beautiful stories as a guide or a map for life, encouraging you to move away from what you don’t want and towards what you do want.

The workshop materials include the AK One manual and the Aromatic Emotional Barometer chart. All 60 essential oils will be available for your use during the workshop. You will also create several aromatic blends, including a massage blend to take home.

The skills you will learn during these workshops are equally applicable to yourself, your family, friends and clients and will empower you to use essential oils effectively to influence your physical health, your state of mind and your connection to spirit.

Your AK One certificate of attendance will be given at the workshop’s close. You will leave on Sunday with your heart full, feeling connected and quietly confident with a set of unique and elegant skills to use out in the wider world.

I am so looking forward to sharing this aromatic heartwork that inspires transformation. I welcome you there with all my heart.

Aromatic Kinesiology® Level One is for anyone who wants to:

Experience greater joy and contentment

Develop emotional resilience

Align with your heart’s desires

Have more confidence

Process emotions more easily

Reduce stress and anxiety

Make better decisions

Experience a calm nervous system

Have more energy and vitality

Honour your unique expression

For therapists who would like to:

Add value to your client’s experience with a gentle approach to stress management

Incorporate the use of essential oils to enhance the effects of traditional counselling

Discover how to use essential oils in a creative way supporting your client’s emotional wellbeing in every session

Use essential oils to restore balance, facilitate change and release unresolved stress

Blend holistic aromatherapy with kinesiology, TCM, emotional clearing and stress release techniques

Learn how to use Aromatic Kinesiology® within the context of a consultation

Prior learning required:


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Next available workshop:
Friday, 30 August 2024 to 1 September 2024