Standard Kinesiology session with Doris Mounsey

80 minute consultation for $100
Health Fund Rebates may be available
(due to Government Changes rebates are only available to 31 March 2019)

90 min Aromatic Kinesiology® session.

Aromatic Kinesiology® as founded by Robbi Zeck allows you to release and transform stress by working with specific Essential Oils and Essential Oil reflections from Robbi’s book the Blossoming Heart.
Doris has full accreditation to take you through this gentle and empowering Kinesiology balances and create your Aromatic Kinesiology Oil Blend for you.
This style of session allows you to experience the gentle release of tension, reaching a point of deep relaxation allowing you to connect with your deep inner wisdom.
Through muscle testing, we find the essential oils which support your whole being during the session to feel aligned, empowered and inspired.
With these essential oils, I create a 10ml Essential Oils Blend for you to take home supporting you over the next few weeks to connect with the wisdom and awareness you have gained during your Aromatic Kinesiology® session.

90 min Aromatic Kinesiology® session –  Introductory offer  $125