Yoga Praise

Experiencing Dru Yoga with Doris — from Mafalda

As a therapeutic practitioner myself, of massage therapy, I knew that I had to extend the movement practice I was doing for myself, for my own body.

I don’t have too much experience with yoga, though I have tried various yoga practices over the years. Some of these were just not right for my body, and sometimes the facilitator’s process wasn’t right for me.

But yoga was something I’d been thinking about for a long, long time — my body is not as flexible as it used to be, and though I was doing lots of walking, it was not achieving the same effect.

After meeting Doris during a beginner’s workshop for Dru Yoga, I was immediately drawn to this lovely, flowing type of yoga movement.

I have osteoarthritis, so I need to be conscious about strain — and found that the beautiful Dru Yoga unravelled my body without being hard on it. I wanted to be involved in something that was yoga, and finally, I have found this practice that allows you to do as much as you can — gently — without hurting yourself.

I was cautious initially — as I have been in groups where you can quickly feel intimidated or embarrassed by being the “newbie” and a total beginner at the practice. But Doris holds a safe space for those in the group and creates an incredibly welcoming energy.

Doris’ approach is wonderful — she has an incredibly calm aura and is extremely soothing. She has a way of calming people — even those who have rushed in late and are frazzled!

I would absolutely one hundred percent recommend Dru Yoga with Doris.

I feel so much better when I do it, and I love that it’s teaching me to aware as I go through the practice. You feel better without making a physical effort that strains or pushes.

In fact, the confidence that I drew from doing Dru Yoga with Doris propelled me to extend into other movements — something I wouldn’t have even contemplated before the Dru Yoga experience.