Currently, I have places in all Yoga Classes available.
You are welcome to try out a Yoga class and see if Dru-Yoga is for you,
please send me a message to book your free trail class.

Monday Evening 6:00pm

Term 4 2019
8 sessions for $96

7 Oct 6:00 pm
14 Oct 6:00 pm
21 Oct 6:00 pm
29 Oct 6:00 pm

4 Nov  No Yoga class –
Cup Weekend

11 Nov 6:00 pm
18 Nov 6:00 pm
25 Nov 6:00 pm
2 Dec 6:00pm

Tuesday Morning 9:30am

Term 4 2019
8 sessions for $84

8 Oct  9:30 am
15 Oct 9:30 am
22 Oct 9:30 am
29 Oct 9:30 am

5 Nov  – No Yoga class
Cup Day

12 Nov  9:30 am
19 Nov 9:30 am
26 Nov 9:30 am
3 Dec 9:30 am

Saturday Morning 10:30am

Term 4 2019
5 sessions for $60

5 Oct 10:30 am
26 Oct 10:30 am
9 Nov 10:30 am
23 Nov 10:30am
7 Dec 10:30 am

Due to Cup-weekend, Kinesiology teaching committments and Yoga Study weekends, I’m only able to offer 5 Yoga classes in Term 4.


It is easy to get in touch
and your first Dru Yoga class is free.

Please, follow these steps and to book in:

1.        Choose the best class for you.

2.        Send me an email with your details via this webpage

3.        I will get back to you and confirm your place in the Yoga Class.


Dru Yoga Program per School Term:

Dru Yoga classes (80min)
60min movement +  20 min guided relaxation

Booking the full Term guarantees you your spot in the class.

There are between 7 and 9 classes per term. Each term is calculated individually:  Number of classes by $12.

There are 5 spaces per class, to secure your place. Please send me a message here. Your payment options are Cash or PayPal invoice.

6 + 11 =

Single Yoga class:

Single Dru Yoga Class are a great opportunity to try out a Dru Yoga Class with Doris.
60min movement + 20 min guided relaxation.
80min Dru Yoga Class for $15.
Booking is essential and depending on the availability of a place.

Single Yoga Classes are available when there is a free spot in the class. Please send me a message here. Your payment option is Cash on the day.

1 + 3 =