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In Australia, the book is available for online orders as
an eBook for $8.99
or your Print Copy for $29.15
via Amazon.

For worldwide orders, visit your local Amazon website and order in your own currency.

Signed Copies are available by pick-up from my clinic room for $25.

Please, contact me via email or phone message.


Thank you for celebrating my Book Launch with me.

Sacred Heart Wisdom is ready to be shared with the world.

Love, Grace and Gratitude for my friend, teacher and mentor Robbi Zeck.

Dear God, increase my power to serve. Thank you, from my deepest heart space, Dr Ricci-Jane Adams.

Thank you to my beautiful Foreword Authors. Robbi Zeck & Ricci-Jane Adam.

A big thank-you and so much gratitude to my loving and supportive family, friends, clients, yoga students and business colleagues.

Embodying the healing treasures of inner peace and harmony.

Sacred Heart Wisdom is a travel guide to your inner world.

Close your eyes and feel. Inner Peace is a Feeling state.

Thank you to Sharruni from Jagery for the amazing Cupcakes.

I wish you a joyful reading journey exploring, experiencing and embodying your sacred heart wisdom. Your heart knows. So much love to you. Doris xo