BODY WISDOM: Listen to Your Body –
Fine-tune Your Awareness
Harness Your Inner Wisdom

Do you feel…

  • Life’s so busy there’s never any time for you
  • frustrated, stiff and sore, like your body is letting you down
  • Uncertain, so question or doubt your decisions
  • Held back by past memories
  • Exhausted by life’s responsibilities

A Whole-Hearted One Day Workshop

To recognise, understand and embrace the signals
and messages your body is sending you.

We will:

☆ Guide you to connect to your Inner Heart Wisdom
☆ Reveal the pathway to Body Awareness
☆ Hold a safe space for you to Shift and Release fear and limitations

Our experienced facilitators will help you

  • Build a strong relationship between your body, heart and soul through movement
  • Experience the gentle and beautiful flow of Dru Yoga
  • Relax and release tension, and calm your nervous system
  • Discover the wisdom of your chakras
  • Engage with your body’s wisdom using awareness
  • Access your innate knowledge with laser-focus
  • Learn how to completely trust your intuitive messages through your body
  • Implement renewal with clarity and authentic power
  • Release deep-seated patterns of trauma or tension held within the body
  • Discover a safe and gentle trauma release process that you can do on your own
  • Connect with other heart-centered people

Come away feeling

♥  Relaxed,   ♥  Inspired,   ♥  Confident,   ♥  Empowered

Join us for a whole day

J U S T    F O R    Y O U

to ground yourself back into your body & reconnect with your wisdom

WHEN             Sunday 14th April
WHERE          Eltham Living & Learning Centre – 739 Main Rd, Eltham VIC 3095
TIME                9am5pm
COST               $139
Vegetarian Lunch is included
Parking on site


Chakra Wisdom

Diving into the wisdom of the Chakras as energy centres communicate with our body.

Dru Yoga Session

Dru Yoga is a gentle flowing style of Yoga, well suited for beginners as it provides easy modifications to support every fitness level.

Dru Yoga releases stress and blocked energy from the body and is very calming to the Nervous System.

Intuitive Precision Workshop

The cells of your body hold all your memories and your deepest wisdom. Recognising the answers you seek is simply about technique and practice. Intuitive Precision is a powerful tool that taps your inner wisdom to provide you with clear answers. It fine tunes your precision and perception in the intuitive process. You will discover how to discern whether the information is from your Highest Self or not. You’ll learn how to ask for and receive, heart and soul wisdom with clarity and laser-like focus.

TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) Session: involves learning a series of exercises to induce a tremoring response in the body. These body tremors are a normal physiological means to gradually release stored physical energy and thus return the body to a more relaxed and balanced state. For more information, see


This is a unique opportunity to be inspired by 3 experienced facilitators who will lead you to greater body wisdom and wellbeing through different but interconnected perspectives.

Catherine Bullard supports and guides women to create Soul-Empowered Wellness for better health and Refined Spiritual Engagement. Using a grounded heart and soul approach she supports them to strengthen their intuitive practice and deeply engage in their healing journey. With training in many modalities, she focuses on homeopathy, essences, intuitive development and Awareness Coaching to catalyse their self-healing.

Doris Mounsey is a Kinesiologist and Dru Yoga teacher with a passion for empowering her clients to create more balance, health and vitality in their lives. Coming from a heart-centred, holistic health science background, Doris teaches her clients to become self-empowered by sharing her knowledge, wisdom and passion in Kinesiology sessions, Yoga classes or Workshops.

Dr Denise Cornall PhD, is an osteopath and physiotherapist with extensive clinical experience. Working with people with chronic pain or recovering from trauma or life stresses has guided Denise toward integrating additional self-empowering strategies into her treatment approaches; this includes Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) and Equine Experiential Learning (EEL).