Chakra Wisdom Circle

The Chakra Wisdom Circle is held online via Zoom, supported by Recordings, Online Library & private Facebook group.
We are starting on Thursday, 8 September and going through to the 1 December 2022.
We meet fortnightly, Thursdays from 7:30 pm to 9 pm.

Here are the dates and topics:

8 September – Base Chakra
22 September – Sacral Chakra
6 October – Solar Plexus Chakra
20 October – Heart Chakra
3 November – Throat Chakra
17 November – Brow Chakra
1 December – Crown Chakra

We are also holding a Xmas Gathering for Melbourne members on Thursday, 15 December in the evening.

You have access to all Circle Recordings, an Online Library & private Facebook group.

Each Circle covers one Chakra, starting with the Base/Root Chakra and finishing with the Crown Chakra. You will be guided to explore each Chakra with love, kindness and curiosity and will be part of a supportive Chakra Wisdom Circle group. We practise Heart Congruence as a tool to tune in, balance and align each Chakra.

Payment of $175 for seven Chakra Wisdom Circles