Please be aware that Kinesiology is a complementary natural therapy and not a diagnostic tool or treatment for disease.

Now let me take you through the path of a Kinesiology session: my sessions are around 80min, so we have plenty of time to focus on your holistic well-being.

I take your medical history, including emotional, nutritional and lifestyle information. We’ll have a chat around all your body and life areas, where you don’t feel 100% healthy and balanced, and then focus on your main reason for this Kinesiology session. The Kinesiology conversation around your stress issues might take around 20min.

You lie fully dressed on a massage table, and I’ll start the muscle testing and stress-releasing part of your Kinesiology session. Normally I’ll use your forearm to find stress in your body, but also will muscle test other muscles when required.

Imagine your body is like an onion with many layers of stress memories. Through muscle testing, your body decides which layer of stress needs to be released first.

The energetic imprint can be on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level and it relates to an energetic area in your body like a Chinese Medicine Meridian, a Chakra, a Flower essence or an Essential oil.  This gives you some information about what your body would like to release. It’s like a puzzle piece and it can make sense straight away or can be cryptic and it will make sense later.

Now we are at the stress-releasing part of your Kinesiology session. I will balance the meridian, the acupoint or the chakra so that your body can let go of the stress response. If you have a memory connected to the stress, it still will be there, but it no longer triggers a stress response in your body.

Often this is the time when you feel calm, light, peaceful and might feel very still. I call this a stillpoint, and that is when your relaxation response is activated, switching on your body’s innate healing system, that’s when the “magic happens”.

During an 80min Kinesiology session, we might cover between one and four of these stress-releases, but remember every session is unique and corresponds to your current situation.

At the end, you might take some flower essence or essential oil blend home with you, this depends on what your body requires to integrate the session over the next few day or weeks and you are always welcome to take a photo of your session notes.